Creepy crawlers

I’m not on top today. Quite the opposite. Felt ratty all day yesterday and in the evening my stomach did not agree with me. Probably a stomach bug. So today is a stay at home bed and sofa day.

I think that’s what we call glow…

On Tuesday we got to see our favourite again though. Auntie Katta.

Lukas loves his Katta and refused to sleep and wanted to sit so close all night.

I decided we needed a little celebration and since it’s crayfish season…

Crayfishes it was!

Lukas wasn’t fully convinced.

But me, I ate like there was no tomorrow.

And don’t even get me started on this lady.

Perfect evening with the bestest and a plate of creepy crawlers

When we were baby free for a glorious 24h

Sara turned 30 and George and me took the opportunity to go 100% baby free over night for the first time since Lukas.

Shiko, being an angel, came to babysit Lukas and George and me glammed up and left the house without a backward glance (sorry baby L, we love you but it was pretty damn baller being without you for an evening).

Happily unaware we were leaving him.

We all kind of look like we have a tiny little tan.

Pre drinking coronas because BABY FREE!!

Lukas wanted some of that as well. His parents son.

We checked into the hotel and felt right at home.

Nice to dress up for a second. I still have like 8kg to loose that I’m struggling big time with (I hate talking about it because nothing worse than weight talk but the fact is that I can’t fit any of my clothes and have had to buy new ones).

But I felt good. Like myself.

It was Sara’s 30th but turned out to be her engagement party as well. Double whammy on the celebrations.

It was games and food and drinks in her parents house. I miss a good house party.

We stayed until 1 before leaving for the hotel. Even if I was a tad hangover the day after it was the best little 24h off.

But, not unhappy coming home to this guy.

Through Maggie’s eyes

Maggie sent through some pictures from our little Grisslehamn trip. I just have to share because pretty as a, well, picture.

Me aceing an interview 😊

Just love this pic of Lukas and Olivia.

That little boy knows what he wants…

George in action. Pretty hot my man.

If we were four. Both of us playing with a child.

Olivia won…

Such a perfect little weekend and thank you Maggie for the pictures.


What can I tell you, another day anothet dollar. As in spending that is. It’s weird not having an income. First time since I was 16 I’m not earning any money.

At the moment it’s holiday season in Sweden so nothing is moving on the job front. I kind it will work out eventually but it feels weird not being able to move forward on that either.

George is struggling too. So we walk around at home going on each other’s nerves…nah, we are actually not doing too bad. Not with this little monkey around. He’s a good buffer when we are tired of each other’s faces

Dressed up in mamas headband.

Good thing he is a genius our son.

Yesterday we went over to Kix in the morning to keep her company. It’s not easy when the apartment is echoing empty after a break up.

Pros at hanging out together. And making noises so that Kix can’t think for the noise. Cheers Lukas for that strategy,

Our little guy. Shocked by the awesomeness of tv. That’s his grandma right there.

Tonight we are braving summer Sthlm and going for a drink. It’s so empty but I kind of like it. Means you can stroll at your own pace and there is room at the restaurants.

Booze hound

It’s almost end of July. Time goes both so fast and really slow. In two months I’m supposed to start working again. I will miss my time with Lukas. If I get a job that is…. nothing is happening until August now so I just chill.

But for now Lukas and I are attached by the hip. Me and mini me. He is a pretty awesome little dude though so no complaining.

Over the weekend George war in Grisslehamn so we do what we do best. Playing at home and singing along to music. Bffs!

We met Kix for a picnic on Saturday and discussed heartbreak and tinder. Lukas was very invested.

Flirting away. If he could he would totally steal Kix for himself.

On Sunday we played some more and waited for dad to come home. Even if you leave the house every day it’s a lot of time to kill in your flat.

Daddy!!! So excited he crashed.

Chillin again. Because master chillers deluxe. Finally my capacity for doing nothing is paying off.

On Monday we headed to the head doctor. Lukas head is still crooked. Turns out he had left sided torticollis, he’s basically born with a stiff neck.

So he’s now on a strict work out regime. We need to stretch the strong and tight left side and strengthen the right side. She thought it looked quite good though and was impressed by the work we had already done with his head.

Well make it happen lil man. We’ll fix your head.

To celebrate we headed to meet tom and Elin and have a beer. Lukas is VERY keen on the booze.

He adopted himself a new family.

Bye mama, I don’t need you any longer.

Sorry, you have to come home with your parents after all.

Hey Sweden!

Back from Grisslehamn. George really gets to see Sweden during summer. It’s all about fish, rose and sitting outside even if it’s cold.

It was lovely to go up and see him as well. Feel bad when he’s away in nowhere for so long. Maggie and Olivia joined us so we got a little road trip car filled with kids. Less on the drinking beer in the back seat of more the relentless crying.

But first this hilarious video of Lukas not understanding a jumping swing. He keeps getting awesome stuff from Maggie that he has no idea how to use. You’ll get there little man.

But let’s look at some lovely pics from Grisslehamn. Lukas stomach was bad and he was inconsolable so Olivia tried to make him happy.

By covering him in stickers. A girl after my own heart.

Two little naughty noses. So sweet.

Hey there angels.

Pro photographer Olivia.

While Lukas slept the girls had a drink in the sun.

Before going to visit daddy. Lukas know the good stuff when he sees it.

My little angel.

Plus the best dinner dates.

Not unhappy with this view. Not too shabby Sweden.

Hi daddy!!

After an awesome dinner and some too notch drinks we headed home and then met the girls for breakfast in the morning. Thank you Maggie for treating us.

While I aced an interview (yes, he totally want to meet me when back from holiday in August) the crew had some food.

Then we took in the sites and sounds of Grisslehamn. Love this pic of my boys.

And Olivia was all in on the stickers again. Plus matching mama of course.

After strolling around town for a bit it was time to head home again. Thank you Grisslehamn and soon the family will be reunited again.

Sitting like a pro

Something happened in the last couple of days. All of a sudden Lukas is sitting. Like actually, don’t fall down within seconds, sitting.

Look at this.

Cool cat and his even cooler cat grandpa. And told you. Sitting. He’s also a lot more controlled in his physicality. Almost knows what he’s doing.

Just you know chilling and sitting BY HIMSELF on a toy car. Such a big boy.

But he’s still mega tiny lille when he’s napping next to grandpa. It’s taxing being all grown up all the time.

Also making sure everyone is his slave. Important to be carried, fed, played with everywhere.

And finally, reunited with dad. Unfortunately dad is not mum so still a decent amount of crying because no one is mum god dammit.

So today we feel like this. Crying Lukas and over it mum. Fun timezz. Hoping George is coming home from his interview soon so he can take the child.

More summer

Back at the country house. To be on maternity during summer is a never ending summer holiday. Plus a baby who wakes up at 6.30. But still, pretty chilled life.

It was dads birthday yesterday. So we celebrated. Lukas and me sang in the morning and gave him some photos of…Lukas 😊. Heh, having kids make it a lot easier to gift give to the grandparents.

Back in his red sofa.

Celebrating granddad! Winner!

Baby bro joined us for lunch in Nyköping.

And hanging with grandma. Awesome having two babysitters. Well, as soon as he starts screaming his all mine again.

Such a big boy (and looks like George in this picture.

For drinks in the evening Lukas was dressed up in new cardigan from grandpa. Looking as fly as Morfi.

Happiest baby boy.

Lukas in his ‘new’ pram (it’s 20 years old but who counts).

We get to keep this here at the country house to not have to schlep the other one back and forth.

These two. Bffs forever.

So much summer. Love the taste of smultron.

Two more days before we get to see dad. And then we’ll join him in Grisslehamn. And maybe even have a drink.

6 months with you

You are turning 6 months today. My god I love you. With all that I am.

Yes, I’m totally that mum. It’s crazy that it just happens that we got the worlds cutest baby. Of everyone in the entire world we got the cutest baby of them all. Can’t believe it.

There’s been a couple of tricky days with a really whiny Lukas. He’s gone from being pretty chilled to struggle as soon as a put him down and leave the room. Well, right on time for his 6 month leap so no worries, just a new way of being to get used to,

But otherwise it’s all pretty damn good. Baby L is mostly a delight. He’s got my chilled attitude that can turn into anger if things really doesn’t go his way and George’s happiness and energy but getting totally upset when someone betrays him.

He loves trying food even if I’m struggling with that to feed him. The other day he got lasagna mixed with peanut butter 😂. Disgusting if you asked me but he loved it.

Life is 100% better with you little man. You make us, mostly, super happy.

And to be honest, his sleeping is a fucking winner. This morning he slept to 8.30. Best. Child. Ever!

Ending with this very Lukas picture. Loving the sound of toys on the floor. Too bad things don’t just magically fly up again (or do they…mum is a slave after all)

Magical summer days

Summer! It’s warm and green, absolutely gorgeous and I’m already longing for autumn (true swede at heart).

Not 100% true. I’m enjoying the shit out of this summer with my tiny sidekick. He can’t be in the sun and we’re chilling vanillin in the shade looking cool.

It was 30 degrees last week when we were at the country house though. I had to wrap him in wet blankets. And jump in the pool. Turns out he’s a little Aussie at heart and loves the water.

My little swim boy. He’s outfit says lifeguard. Saving everyone.

Lukas and grandpa 😭. Love this picture. Teaching him all he knows.

Hanging with the clan. Lukas looks tiny next to Ralf.

And grandma love. It’s amazing to see mum and dad with him. It just makes me sad he can’t see his other grandparents but at least they are bffs on the phone.

Hard life being a little swim champ.

And when baby is sleeping mama is trying to catch some sun.

It’s a good thing to have two baby helpers when George is partying up a storm in Sthlm.

Then I finally got proof where those ears come from. And the eyebrows. The face shape is totally Gina though. Especially that little chin. And he’s got the Krastev nose 😊.

Hey grandma. Love you when you feed me.

More swimming. More ‘kisses’. Pretty perfect summer days.

Refusing to sleep when mormi and morfi is around. 23 is a decent bedtime right. That’s when the sun goes down.

Never ending evening walks to get this little naughty pants to sleep.

Only kidding, I woke up again.

Another day, another swim trying to cool down.

Cooling down in style with unicorns 🦄.

Ha, as George said ‘mormor häst’ (grandma horse). Pretty accurate.

Going on a corona drink with all the golden oldies. You are a pro socialite little one.

So much love for this little man from everyone. You are one lucky little boy.

New favourite toy being discovered. Grandmas glasses. Winning.

And finally. Dad came down!! Mini family reunited!

Chillin with them horses.

Picking wild strawberries (mini man not looking convinced by this goodness).

Teaching George all the swede things (but as suspected, you find these in Bulgaria as well).

Getting so big. It’s those eyebrows. Makes him look more like a toddler and less like a baby. My tiny big boy.

Eating everything coming his way. Im struggling a big with what to feed him because he’s not a big fan of the baby food but I don’t want to feed him too big pieces of normal food (after a choking scare) so two days ago he had baby food lasagna mixed with peanut butter. Disgusting if you ask me but he wolfed it down.

Perfect days at the country house and on Wednesday we are off again when George is working. Thank god for people to help out when dad is away.