Magical summer days

Summer! It’s warm and green, absolutely gorgeous and I’m already longing for autumn (true swede at heart).

Not 100% true. I’m enjoying the shit out of this summer with my tiny sidekick. He can’t be in the sun and we’re chilling vanillin in the shade looking cool.

It was 30 degrees last week when we were at the country house though. I had to wrap him in wet blankets. And jump in the pool. Turns out he’s a little Aussie at heart and loves the water.

My little swim boy. He’s outfit says lifeguard. Saving everyone.

Lukas and grandpa 😭. Love this picture. Teaching him all he knows.

Hanging with the clan. Lukas looks tiny next to Ralf.

And grandma love. It’s amazing to see mum and dad with him. It just makes me sad he can’t see his other grandparents but at least they are bffs on the phone.

Hard life being a little swim champ.

And when baby is sleeping mama is trying to catch some sun.

It’s a good thing to have two baby helpers when George is partying up a storm in Sthlm.

Then I finally got proof where those ears come from. And the eyebrows. The face shape is totally Gina though. Especially that little chin. And he’s got the Krastev nose 😊.

Hey grandma. Love you when you feed me.

More swimming. More ‘kisses’. Pretty perfect summer days.

Refusing to sleep when mormi and morfi is around. 23 is a decent bedtime right. That’s when the sun goes down.

Never ending evening walks to get this little naughty pants to sleep.

Only kidding, I woke up again.

Another day, another swim trying to cool down.

Cooling down in style with unicorns 🦄.

Ha, as George said ‘mormor häst’ (grandma horse). Pretty accurate.

Going on a corona drink with all the golden oldies. You are a pro socialite little one.

So much love for this little man from everyone. You are one lucky little boy.

New favourite toy being discovered. Grandmas glasses. Winning.

And finally. Dad came down!! Mini family reunited!

Chillin with them horses.

Picking wild strawberries (mini man not looking convinced by this goodness).

Teaching George all the swede things (but as suspected, you find these in Bulgaria as well).

Getting so big. It’s those eyebrows. Makes him look more like a toddler and less like a baby. My tiny big boy.

Eating everything coming his way. Im struggling a big with what to feed him because he’s not a big fan of the baby food but I don’t want to feed him too big pieces of normal food (after a choking scare) so two days ago he had baby food lasagna mixed with peanut butter. Disgusting if you ask me but he wolfed it down.

Perfect days at the country house and on Wednesday we are off again when George is working. Thank god for people to help out when dad is away.

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