6 months with you

You are turning 6 months today. My god I love you. With all that I am.

Yes, I’m totally that mum. It’s crazy that it just happens that we got the worlds cutest baby. Of everyone in the entire world we got the cutest baby of them all. Can’t believe it.

There’s been a couple of tricky days with a really whiny Lukas. He’s gone from being pretty chilled to struggle as soon as a put him down and leave the room. Well, right on time for his 6 month leap so no worries, just a new way of being to get used to,

But otherwise it’s all pretty damn good. Baby L is mostly a delight. He’s got my chilled attitude that can turn into anger if things really doesn’t go his way and George’s happiness and energy but getting totally upset when someone betrays him.

He loves trying food even if I’m struggling with that to feed him. The other day he got lasagna mixed with peanut butter 😂. Disgusting if you asked me but he loved it.

Life is 100% better with you little man. You make us, mostly, super happy.

And to be honest, his sleeping is a fucking winner. This morning he slept to 8.30. Best. Child. Ever!

Ending with this very Lukas picture. Loving the sound of toys on the floor. Too bad things don’t just magically fly up again (or do they…mum is a slave after all)

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