More summer

Back at the country house. To be on maternity during summer is a never ending summer holiday. Plus a baby who wakes up at 6.30. But still, pretty chilled life.

It was dads birthday yesterday. So we celebrated. Lukas and me sang in the morning and gave him some photos of…Lukas 😊. Heh, having kids make it a lot easier to gift give to the grandparents.

Back in his red sofa.

Celebrating granddad! Winner!

Baby bro joined us for lunch in Nyköping.

And hanging with grandma. Awesome having two babysitters. Well, as soon as he starts screaming his all mine again.

Such a big boy (and looks like George in this picture.

For drinks in the evening Lukas was dressed up in new cardigan from grandpa. Looking as fly as Morfi.

Happiest baby boy.

Lukas in his ‘new’ pram (it’s 20 years old but who counts).

We get to keep this here at the country house to not have to schlep the other one back and forth.

These two. Bffs forever.

So much summer. Love the taste of smultron.

Two more days before we get to see dad. And then we’ll join him in Grisslehamn. And maybe even have a drink.

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