Hey Sweden!

Back from Grisslehamn. George really gets to see Sweden during summer. It’s all about fish, rose and sitting outside even if it’s cold.

It was lovely to go up and see him as well. Feel bad when he’s away in nowhere for so long. Maggie and Olivia joined us so we got a little road trip car filled with kids. Less on the drinking beer in the back seat of more the relentless crying.

But first this hilarious video of Lukas not understanding a jumping swing. He keeps getting awesome stuff from Maggie that he has no idea how to use. You’ll get there little man.

But let’s look at some lovely pics from Grisslehamn. Lukas stomach was bad and he was inconsolable so Olivia tried to make him happy.

By covering him in stickers. A girl after my own heart.

Two little naughty noses. So sweet.

Hey there angels.

Pro photographer Olivia.

While Lukas slept the girls had a drink in the sun.

Before going to visit daddy. Lukas know the good stuff when he sees it.

My little angel.

Plus the best dinner dates.

Not unhappy with this view. Not too shabby Sweden.

Hi daddy!!

After an awesome dinner and some too notch drinks we headed home and then met the girls for breakfast in the morning. Thank you Maggie for treating us.

While I aced an interview (yes, he totally want to meet me when back from holiday in August) the crew had some food.

Then we took in the sites and sounds of Grisslehamn. Love this pic of my boys.

And Olivia was all in on the stickers again. Plus matching mama of course.

After strolling around town for a bit it was time to head home again. Thank you Grisslehamn and soon the family will be reunited again.

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