Booze hound

It’s almost end of July. Time goes both so fast and really slow. In two months I’m supposed to start working again. I will miss my time with Lukas. If I get a job that is…. nothing is happening until August now so I just chill.

But for now Lukas and I are attached by the hip. Me and mini me. He is a pretty awesome little dude though so no complaining.

Over the weekend George war in Grisslehamn so we do what we do best. Playing at home and singing along to music. Bffs!

We met Kix for a picnic on Saturday and discussed heartbreak and tinder. Lukas was very invested.

Flirting away. If he could he would totally steal Kix for himself.

On Sunday we played some more and waited for dad to come home. Even if you leave the house every day it’s a lot of time to kill in your flat.

Daddy!!! So excited he crashed.

Chillin again. Because master chillers deluxe. Finally my capacity for doing nothing is paying off.

On Monday we headed to the head doctor. Lukas head is still crooked. Turns out he had left sided torticollis, he’s basically born with a stiff neck.

So he’s now on a strict work out regime. We need to stretch the strong and tight left side and strengthen the right side. She thought it looked quite good though and was impressed by the work we had already done with his head.

Well make it happen lil man. We’ll fix your head.

To celebrate we headed to meet tom and Elin and have a beer. Lukas is VERY keen on the booze.

He adopted himself a new family.

Bye mama, I don’t need you any longer.

Sorry, you have to come home with your parents after all.

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