Family times

It’s hard to remember to write when it’s 28 degrees outside and your brain is fried. Plus, if I’m honest, we kind of do the same thing every day. There is only so many pictures of Lukas the internet can handle…

Well, something pretty special happened. Lukas met his aunt. It was god damn love at first sight.

Passed out in the safe arms of family.

These two had a last snooze together before daddy went away to basket camp for a week.

And lucky Luke was lucky indeed chilling with the sweetest lil boy there is. Alex. Raising softies forever.

Then mama was drinking with family. Winner!

And finally reunited with the grandparents at the country house. Life!

Discussing life’s big questions.

And wearing some sexy new clothes.

Having a somewhat scary encounter with those big brown ones.

And FINALLY meeting his cousins. He didn’t even know how much he’s been longing for this day.

Hang gang ❤️

But some extra love for auntie because the worlds best hugs and laugh that one.

Yeah, it’s a hard knock life down at the country house.

But not complaining at all after these amazing days with family. We’ll be back.

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