Mr Social strikes again

It’s so hot again (and yes Gina, I know 28 degrees is kind of winter to you) and we are dying. Lukas gets heat rash and I want to hide somewhere cool. Which is nowhere. We go from room to room trying to find the cool. Being cool cats when we do it of course.

I’m also interviewing. I’m part of 4 different processes right now. Two I’ve already met with future managers and gone to the next round and two I’ve been contacted by recruiters. So I hope that something will pan out. Need to provide for my little family.

Otherwise we just chill in this super slow life. Summer and maternity is probably the chillest I’ve been since I was 10. I’m a fairly lazy person as is and this is lazy life 1000.

We dressed up and went for dinner at Katta’s.

Straight into the arms of Elin. Love.

Social kings galore. Lukas keeps working on his posse of super cool aunts and uncles. You’ll be set for life little one with these guys.

Mysing with Tom. You have your fashion advice sorted little one (talking to you Tom).

And always hugs with Katta.

Aaaaaand standard when coming home from a party. Mr no sleep Munthe Krastev.

We also babysat Alex. Well, I babysat Alex and he babysat Lukas. Win. Lukas was a tad impressed by his super cool 5 year older BFF.

Kix came home after a kid free after work buzzing on life. You deserve that! plus, you have to pay it forward when you can. Me in my mega chilled life right now have the energy.

Came home with Mr Awake. But he’s soo cute I just don’t mind.

An hour of this and then finally asleep.

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