The baby free life

Keep saying I’m going to do better. Keep not doing better #life.

Well, since last time I went to a forest rave (yes, almost 40’s cab totally do that.)

That was fun. Totally baby free. And 100% not baby mama appropriate. Meaning totally the best and what I needed.

I have also done like 500 interviews. Which is not true because I’ve done 5. But being Sweden the process takes forever so still no answers other than still being in the race.

We are celebrating that what an influencer pose.

I have also restarted the book club and started a career network with my ladies. Because a girl needs more than laying next to lukas when he sleeps every day.

The breakfast club is all about finding a space to talk work with clever ladies. Plus hopefully invite recruiters, friends and other people to network with.

Running out of baby free pics so here’s one of me and my crew 4 lyfe 9 years ago. All reunited in Sthlm.

And tomorrow is party night extra alles. 11 ladies and loads of GTs. So no complaining my end.

Plus this one is the cutest. My tiny little BFF in life.

Tonight we’ll chill before mama is off on adventures tomorrow.

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