Not winning at life

Today is one of them not so hot days. I’m soo tired of this never ending interviewing and waiting.

I don’t get nos, it’s just that I don’t get any answers at all. It’s so slow in Sweden. I’m still in the process for the same two jobs that’s been going for almost 3 months now. But still, no answers.

It’s overwhelming with like 3 – 4 interviews a week. And stressful. I had some hope of a month of chillaxing at the end of maternity but no can do.

I mean, life is not bad. I’m just over today. And getting all that energy going for things that just take time.

We had some lovely days at the country house though. Last days of summer.

Lukas is so in love with his grandparents. Started laughing as soon as he started down the stairs to see them.

Refusing to selfie though.

He’s also all good with me leaving him with them now. Not that I’m doing anything more exciting than shower but hey, that’s worth the world.

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