Winds of change

Only 3 weeks until moving flat. Can’t wait!! Living in our OWN place for the first time ever. Being able to do what we want with the flat. Have an attic space. I mean, come on. Dream.

I’m planning the last bits before moving. All the boring bits. But also the fun bits. Buying sofa and bed and table and all the grown up things. Plus finally planning a room for lukas. A little boy room. He’s barely a baby any longer.

This little guy can’t wait to move into his own room.

Crawling around everywhere he needs his own space. Plus if I ever get a fucking job I need to be able to put him somewhere when I have meetings.

Big things ahead. New flat, hopefully a new job, new country. But the same amazing human being by my side.

George wanted to spoil me a bit and sent me for a skin consultation and treated me to these amazing products.

Feel very loved and spoiled and lucky. Life isn’t always easy but it’s pretty damn good. With my little family, my new flat and all my friends moving back to Sweden is the best thing we could do.

I mean, got to hang out with my sister on a random Tuesday. That’s life quality deluxe.

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