Zoo life

Skansen yesterday. That was ace. I’m not going to lie, I’m seriously struggling filling my days with anything but lukas. He’s the best but it’s a butt load of holding, playing, food making and just sitting around.

So a day of Skansen is like a much needed break from my flat. Or my baby infested life. Especially now that it’s just quiet from the potential jobs. I start fearing this is my life forever now. I would suck as a housewife.

Dressed and ready for success in his lil shoes, new autumn jacket and hat. Such a little boy.

Lukas was scared of the fish and kept holding on so tight and barely looking.

But he loved hanging with his favourite Elin. And looking at the seals.

Seal hunters.

Plus Pappa is always the best. Especially when he makes monkey noises.

It was a tired little guy after all that animal drama. The low of the fishes and the high of the piglets.

And today we are back on the sofa. I mean, if course we leave the house for a walk but a long walk is like 2h. That’s another 22 to spend making up games and entertaining. So yeah, anyone want to employ me holler!

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