Happy birthday Sanna

We went to Sanna’s birthday dinner last night. Seriously, it was so nice to get out of the house. We’ve both been on each others nerves for the last couple of days and Lukas whiny streak has not helped.

Screaming baby plus frustration equals a fantastic mood.

I’m just fed up with the work situation and George is fed up with 2020 in general. Not being able to see his parents or friends in UK is getting to us both.

But he is out tonight and I’m out on Saturday. Just need to wing two interviews tomorrow morning when George is working. Walk and talk maybe. Lukas is more likely to stay calm that way.

Mini man all ready to be Sanna’s date yesterday.

They both clearly loved it.

Awesome evening though. Drinks and Sanna and Peter’s and then dinner at Knut. Yummy!!

My table dates went easy on the wine…

Mini man fell asleep and then snoozed his way through dinner. Hero.

We went home around 21.30 and put him to bed. He slept ok so he gets to stay for another couple of days, no need to send him away.

Rest of the weeks is 3 more interviews. Keep up the good work Cissi!

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