And the hunt goes on

Feeling on top of the world today. I’ve had some good interviews and talks over the last week and it was sorely needed after all the no’s and postponing and not getting any answers.

It’s definitely weird COVID times. 10 times the applicants for roles and most companies being hesitant in employing. I’ve been doing the rounds for 4 months now and it’s tiring.

Met with Bonniers CEO today for a casual chat however. It was lovely. She’s all kinds of awesome. Power boss lady but also super nice and taking the time for a proper chat about work and life.

She’s putting me in contact with some people and hopefully something can come out of it. I would love to work my digital costumer magic on my dream company. But otherwise I’m actually in some great talks.

Sending me home with a stack of books is the way to my heart.

Lukas getting a job as well helping papa virtually bartend. Acting it. Everyone has to work in this family.

Work at being cute that is…

Last but not least, hello there bookshelf.

Flat on point.

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