Im back

So, im back working. After almost a year off. And what a year. 2020, i mean come on… You have properly thrown us around a merry go round. You guys all know that we’ve had a baby, moved country, moved house, found new jobs (in George case a couple of times) all while managing this pandemic.

And you know what. We did it. Not without our bad days (sometimes weeks) and moments of ‘you know what, im giving up’ but here we are. Settled in Sweden with our almost 1 year old both with good jobs, a beautiful flat and some new life skills under the belt.

2020, you didnt manage to get us down.

On sunday it was both third of advent and Lucia. I lit the candles for away from grabby little hands and enjoyed the calm (ish). A little sad that i couldnt take Lukas to an actual Lucia concert but we watched it online instead.

Little man loved the musiv but wasnt the biggets fan of the glitter. Sorry, but there will be many more of those where mum tries to dress you up and you hating it.

‘Mum, really??’

But, hes my bestest little sidekick for life really. He accepts the glitter and sit with rapt attention watching the singing.

Since hes a hater of baths he now gets to shower with mama. Win. Hair is getting long so that gives ample opportunity for some epic hairstyles.

After a nice morning we left the house to grey. I had forgotten how absolutely depressing it gets in Sweden sometimes. It doesnt help that the pandemic make everyone hide away inside.

We went to visit Andreas at Hallwylska. This is the last time we do something before Christmas to make sure we are as safe as possible before seeing the family. So we enjoyed the shit out of it. Has December daquiris. Was not sad.

And then we went to Lukas favourite place. Mcdonals. He LOVES those french fries with a passion.

And yeah, since im now spending my days in front of a computer again expect to see me here 🙂

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