And he turned 1

Its crazy. A full year has passed since Lukas came into our world. A year like no else. Not just for us but for the world. A pandemic shutting down most of it and us starting up in a new country.

And all along this little guy have been growing up. Going from a baby to a toddler. Through a lot of laughter but also a quite healthy dose of screaming. He definitely knows what he wants this little one. It hasnt always been easy, i think few parents say it all sunshine, but its been fun. And looking back at his first year i feel like we’ve done well. We’ve given him love, security and a lot of dancing. What else can one need?

Heh, a not so happy face. We had to wake him up since if Lukas gets to decide he would be up all night and sleep all day. Wonder where he gets that from…

After gifts and singing the bday proceeded with Lukas getting hit by a box in his face. 2021 coming at ya.

But that doesnt stop this little dude from the smiling. Here eating saffron ice cream because birthday means all the good things.

Dont mind if i do mama.

Look at how big he is. This is certainly no baby. And in 3 weeks he starts pre school. Bitter sweet. All three of us needs that but yes, i will always miss my days with my little boy (but full honesty…hooorah for pre school and going back to work and grown up chats).

Yesterday we threw him a bday party. Pandemic style. It means only the absolute closest and a table full of goodies because that is what we have to make these times happier ones.

Grandma and grandpa came by of course. And the Aussie grandparents where there in spirit. Look at this sexy dino shirt grandma Gina had sent over.

Dressing up in a birthday dress.

Your mama aint no artist Lukas. There will be a string of these shitty cakes through your life but at least she loves you. And will always shower you with the party spirit.

Centre off attention since that is how you roll.

So many amazing gifts. Clothes and cars and puzzles and DUPLO. Never too much duplo. True happiness for a 1 year old.

Happy, happy birthday to our amazing little Lukas. We love you more than we can say.

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