Then there was snow

My office views yesterday. Still not convinced about this working from home shizzle but this sure is pretty. I love having a proper park view from our window.

Lukas and George were off to the physio. Look at him. He looks so silly in that hat but its a fucking dream when its this cold out. Hands up for a baklava. Plus extra effort for mini snowball. Looks like hes here to fuck shit up.

I took a lunch time walk. Pretty! Love snow for many reasons but one of the best things is that it brightens things up.

And looks like a goddamn fairytale. Having this on your doorstep is a dream.

Deserves a selfie!

Got lost there for a second. Or, wasnt sure if i got lost but i was fine. Came out exactly where i wanted. That never happens.

Met my boys and found the last pulka in all of fältan. Horrah! Lukas absolutely loved it.

Look at him go

We ran into some family friends and Lukas was having the best day ever playing in the snow and seeing other kids.

Totally worth coming home being cold nose crew.

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