A monday in January

Good morning world. This is the view from my home office. Love it. Sun in my eyes but who cares. Its sun!

So things have actually finally a 100% started. I was a bit surprised with a last minute meeting where i was presented for the whole company this morning but hey, one has done that stuff before.

Yesterday i went to see Elins mum Lisa to look at her paintings. Im thinking about buying one. Ive always loved her big oil paintings.

I brought our two favourites home and now we are trying them out to see which ones the best. So far the one with the ‘wings’ is our winner.

I think the gold will look great when the sun hits it.

On Saturday i saw the girls for some oysters and drinks.

Hello there ladies. And then home ny 8.30 of course. Such are the times.

On Friday we had Kattis and her Rob over. Hes just moved here and just like George is trying to learn the language and get familiar with Sweden. I think they are both VERY happy there is another non swede in the family.

Plus they want to babysit Lukas. Love anyone who wants to take our baby from us for a second.

Apocalypse fashion.

This picture. Looks like Lukas is just chilling wanting to order a drink from the bar.

Hairdresser magic. All about the face masks these days. But so nice to get freshened up. Needed that before the new year properly kicks off.

Felt pretty.

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