Im finally ready to start the massive project of writing about Christmas. Lukas first Christmas! Best. Thing. Ever!! We spent the holidays at the country house and even if things werent a 100% like normal it was still all about family and all that Christmas cheer.

The yearly glögg was spent outside. Not the ideal way of doing it but better than not seeing eachother at all.

Felt a bit like a soup kitchen.

Then dressing the tree. Lukas was fast asleep at this point. Too much action for a little baby,.

Post Christmas preparations chill out. Little Raja is all done as well. Two babies in the family at the moment.

Finally Christmas. Lukas and morfar having a Christmas hug. Important.

And the Munstevs looking hella sexy in their matching outfits.

It was frosty and beautiful and Lukas and me checked the outside.


But Lukas and George not too much of a fan so i ended up going for a long one with the walking part of the family.

Hello there mini Raj.

Lukas loves Raja above anything else on this world. Raja is still on the fence.

Lukas and his shitty haircut. Sorry little man. But you are cute anyway.

Even if it was only us we dressed up for Christmas dinner.

Lukas got his gifts before dinner because little guy gets too excited. He got so many awesome gifts from everyone.

Hello there.

A bit more staged version of the family photo.

Haha, such a Lukas photo. Hands full of gifts and making his silly face.

These two. Bffs forever.

Ha, George getting a bit tired of all the christmas shenanigans. You are doing well my love.

Looks like a proper little toddler here.

One more picture before it was dinner time (yes, you need like a 100 pictures of babys first Christmas.)


Not too shabby a Christmas dinner for the corona year. Hopefully next year there will be all of us again but for very happy with the 2020 one.

Lastly a pic of me an mum. Tomorrow there will more likely be even more photos. I know you cant brace yourself.

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