The weather you guys! I mean, come on. Ive always loved snow and kept telling George when we first met how i loved winter. He was like ‘you hate winter’. True. I hate english winter. Its 4 months of dark, grey and rainy. This though. The snow and the cold and the light.

Yesterday we took Lukas out for some sleighing on my lunch break. Happiest little guy whenever he gets to sit in his green pulka.

Party on an icy swing.


He is going to love pre school so much. Kids and play all day and not just sitting at home with mama and papa.

Look at those silly old buck teeth.

And back in Green Danger for some more crazy snow action.

I took a walk. Biggest problem working from home is that you have no reason to leave the house. So at the moment im making sure im going for at least one walk every day.

Then Lukas walked like 1000 rounds around the coffee table, i worked and George ran after Lukas. A normal day in the Munstev household.

By 8pm he was wiped out. A win in the never want to sleep fight we have every night.

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