More christmas times

Heres to the rest of the Christmas photos. Mainly Lukas walking lap after lap around our coffee table. Classic Lukas.

And doggy cuddles because doggos are the best.

‘Hello there hooooman. You eaten anything delicious lately’

Got them out on a walk. But it was too cold so they turned around like 5 min after this. But i still call that a victory with my walking hating boys.

Pretty out. All icy cold and slippery. My dad did a little whoopsie daisy on the ice.

Family dress up for Christmas day.

And Lukas just wanting to hang with Raja. All the time.

Trying to jump out of grandpas arms like the slithery eel he is.

Wheres Raja?

Discussing life with grandma.

Two people who are sure they are always right…

More walks. And yes, my baby boy is looking fly in bright pink.

Come on, admit it. You are pretty jealous of me and my hawt guy.

You are too cute little munchkin.

Especially when you are screaming your lungs out.

We are ending this impromptu photo shoot with the classic man with tired baby.

All the snuttisar to sleep with.

Love the attention.

Plus love just hanging out with mormor and morfar. Especially matching in snazzy red.

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