Surviving winter

Love the weather that we’ve had. I explained to George how much lighter and fun everything becomes with the snow and he gets it now. However, its starting to melt today. And thats the WORST FUCKING SHIT ever.

Its like cleaning away Christmas and being hungover wrapped into one. Horrible.

Whats not horrible is realising that your man has saved like 30 daims for you when you ran out. Serious boyfriend points.

Continuing on the line of eating (yes, since the wedding is off and the world is still on a motherfucking lockdown im going all out on the eating. See me rolling into summer) ive had my first Semla. Dont even like semla that much but its what you do in January.

Lukas practicing his art skills. And putting everything in his mouth skills. He is VERY good at that.

Like every parent we are fully convinced we are creating an artistic genius.

I mean, not every kid can paint the carpet, paper and groin at the same time. Modern.

Also learning to eat with a spoon. Telling you, genius.

On Saturday Alex came over to stay the night. He and George played games pretty much all night. Alex might have had the best time ever. Me, i had three boys to take care of.

But, cuteness overload.

On Sunday we did a very corona safe bookclub. Just read Keplers The Hypnotist and coming up is Maya Angelou. High and low.

Lukas and i checked out the Mistfall premier. He loved it. Totally buying him a pony.

Went into the office yesterday. Love that its such a fairytale land.

Ha, and this funky mushroom bar.

I will feel very at home here. So far im really loving the company and im so happy this is where i ended up.

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