Life is just full of shit

Look how happy this little dude is sitting on his new potty. Dont we all feel like that on the toilet 🙂

We are starting a little bit of potty training. As in getting him used to sitting on it in the mornings and cheer him on if anything happens. Today he weed as soon as i put his nappy back on. Bastard.

And yes, this is how exciting life is these days. Dont judge me for this turning into not only a baby blog but a boring baby blog.

Naked on the bog watching a washing machine go round and round. If this isnt a view on life at the moment i dont know what is.

WHEN WILL THINGS BE BACK TO NORMAL??? I miss friends and family and im SO FUCKING sad we had to postpone the wedding.

At least Lukas knows how to entertain himself. I need to take a page out of his book. And realise my best friends these days are characters on the TV.

Anyway, the only way is up!

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