Freaking cold

Spicying up our lives with a little filter action. See us rollin.

I should be hitting midlife crisis soon so maybe pink hair? The benefit of working in a ‘cool’ company is that you get away with anything.

On Friday Karin and Asrin came over. Lukas was not sad to have some ladies to play with. ‘You hold that thought while i just put my finger in your mouth’. Ooookay lil dude but you cant just go showing things in peoples mouths.

Bolstered by attention and surviving a week at pre school Lukas decided he could walk. Not just a couple of steps but full on ‘drunk guy in Malta’ shuffle (his uncle has perfected that walk).

Its been minus 10-15 over the weekend so we poked our heads out for like 20 minutes and then went back in.

Couldnt look more like a little scandi child if we tried.

Look at those rosy cheeks.

This years best investments – coveralls. Love my snow gear because NOT COLD! and totally nailing the mum look.

Lukas back inside chilling with his TV friends. Stay weird my child.

Had a little wobble. Posted in instagram. Got love. Felt better.

New week, new pictures of our child from pre school. Here he is eating with actual cutlery while george and me were enjoying going into my office and having lunch out. Yes!

Morning hang out in bed. Favourite time a day. Lukas loves playing and joking in the morning. His best one is pretending he gets blinded by my bedside lamp. Comedian.

Hates getting dressed though. Mama not helping, just taking photos of George struggling #sorrynotsorry

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