Went to the hairdresser yesterday. Bangerhead Studios. Wanted somewhere that isnt part of a chain. And i was not disappointed. Loved them! Awesome treatment and the feeling that they really listened and care about my hair. Win.

I had decided i wanted bangs. Needed something new in these covid times.

Apparently its all trendy now. I realised i was simply inspired by all my kpop soap opera stars. They all have cute asian bangs.

Look at me being all cutsie and refusing to act my age. 14 or 40?

Cutest thing in my life is this little guy though. Look at this curle golden locks.

And this is for your pleasure…

Hello old friend

Lets just ignore the fact that i havent posted anything i bloody FOREVER. Theres no excuse. Pure laziness. And covid and winter and boredome.

But look at this. Suns out guns out.

I wore my new spring shoes. From a french brand. Love them. Glitter tongue and red lips. Whats not to love.

Chill time with mini me. Not so mini any longer. Hes a proper little toddler now. Absolute chaos when hes not taking a breather resting on mama. Then full on chaos again.

Loves the playground because people and outside and new ways of creating mayhem.

My little golden haired angel. Dont let the looks decieve you.

What do you do when your kids stop taking a nap mid day? Give up?

George creating a mini gamer.

So much almost naked baby. Sleeping. Catching him when he is still for a second.