My two boys!

The cutest thing happened at nursery today. Apparently lukas gave his snutt (that’s his blankie that he LOVES) to one of the kids in his group when he was sad.

I mean, his SNUTT! That’s the most important thing in Lukas life. Very sweet of our little baby boy.

Very proud of you my man.

They had sports day today at nursery as well. I mean, lukas don’t even know how to throw a ball but im sure he was a natural sports man.

Doing some sporty shit

Heh. All the kids having fun except for lukas. He’s like WTF is this shit. I hear you. You guys are just standing under a parachute??

But. Lukas aside. George got a job!! So, so proud of him. As an architect. Amazing. One day we will be able to celebrate this as it deserves.

Hands in the air for this legend.

So yeah. My guys are pretty damn awesome. Love them to bits.

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