My little dance monkey

I have that feeling of spring and dancing and wanting to meet people and cocktails and love and laughter. The opposite of the last year of sitting isolated in your house. I’m so, so tired of not seeing my friends or colleagues or meeting new people.

At least we had a great time celebrating my mum at the country house. And I love seeing my family. But I wouldn’t say no to some new faces as well 😊.

Thank god for this crew keeping me sane. Well, in lukas case also driving me insane but I forgive you.

Because you are such an awesome little weirdo. Here channeling Elton John.

These days we make our own parties. But always dancing, just like your mum.

And finally got a taste of summer

My little forest troll

These two. Bestest of friends forever. Even if even grandpa thinks you are a little monster sometimes.

So yeah, dreaming of summer and dancing and drinks looks slightly different these days but at least I have a little dance monkey by my side who loves music and always jazzes around by himself.

Plus he loves them puddles. Almost tap dancing in there.

I might dream of a summer of my 20s but I love this last summer of my 30’s with my gorgeous family.

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