Lukas and mama day

We went to get Lukas TBE vaccinated today. Instead of leaving him at nursery after I decided it was time for Lukas and mama day. All about the fun.

Since it’s lukas and mama day means no rules we had McDonalds for lunch, played during nap time and slept for 2h after that. I have a feeling lukas and mama day will end up being lukas and mama evening as well…

All about the ketchup. When we sat down lukas just took a fries and dipped it like a 20 year old. Who the fack taught him that? I wonder if lukas and papa have been sneaking off on their own adventures.

All about that ketchup life.

On the way home lukas was like ‘stop that pram’ and out we went for RUNNING.

And running

And mother fucking running. I think this turned into lukas day since mama almost passed out.

Killing me there my 5(?) year old.

Mama put you in the grass for some scenic pictures.

Totally having it.

On our way home for sleepy time but no. Once ones been running one need splashing. Sure thingaling.

The lukas slept and mama looked at pictures of a lukas. Sheeet, I’m boring. About as boring as lukas thinks camping and face painting is.

And now it’s 4pm and lukas and mama day is at half time. Well see if mama survives this. Wish me luck.

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