It’s pouring down outside today. Spring rain. Kind of love it and feel all cosy at home. Tea and work. Lukas and me jumped in puddles on our way to work. Hands up to kids making you act like a kid again.

I mean come on with the kids clothes. Too cute to handle. Realising I’m just one big kid pretty much always.

Here’s a picture of my new old vase from my dad. Because otherwise there are just pictures of lukas. But, I’m going out for dinner tonight so I’ll make sure I take at least one me in actual make up photo.

Speaking of looking fly. Matchy matchy. Will hate the day lukas wants to dress himself but so far I’m the boss!!

New shoes. So, I’ve got a big issue with girls vs boys clothes. Not only the colours and patterns and shit. The girl shoes for toddlers go down to 24 and boy shoes start at 27. The same shoe. What?? They don’t have different sized feet at that age. Plus girls sweaters are shorter. To what? Show skin? Come on children’s clothes makers of the world. Up your game!

Anyway. In the end of the day all the clothes are a messy mess anyway. At least when this little dirty mouth gets his hands on chocolate. And wants kisses. Goodbye white from my life.

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