Party people

We had a lovely weekend. If by lovely you mean running like a crazy after a boy who JUST WANTS TO RUN! But it was great. And I got an exercise out of it. Win!

On Friday we went for an afterwork at Madde’s and Christoffer’s. Lukas and Andreas was bffing the whole time. All about the jamming.

And hand holding. I mean, come on ❤️

On Saturday I was woken to cuddles, flowers and breakfast from my boys. Early Mother’s Day. Love them.

We went for lunch. Lukas got pancakes. Or rather, lukas big jam. He refused to eat anything else but hey, at least he looked like a tiny serial killer.

On Sunday morning lukas celebrated actual Mother’s Day by waking me up at 5.30. We won being in the park before anyone else. Team work!

Then we headed to Vilmas third birthday. My little goddaughter was on fire.

Lukas looked like a little posh boy. I

But he had no idea mama tricked him into looking a fool. Moahahaha.

Lukas and me checking out the candy stash.

Hey papa, look at us.

After running and his and my ass off my little dude was finally ready for home. We were both spent but lukas fought me every last minute to fall asleep.

But, Monday is a new day and here we are looking cute and kind of rested. Winners.

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