Summer life

Summer. Lovely, green, blooming June. It’s all so much easier with Lukas and enjoying our evenings and weekends when you can just go outside and play. Especially now that he wakes up at 5 in the mornings. The days are extremely long.

Work is stressful at the moment. Crisis management. Big decisions. Struggling with working from home. I love my job, I really do but man, it’s got some high stakes going.

On Monday lukas nursery was closed and we went to Skansen. He started with dressing himself. I look you look but maybe not people friendly.

Once at Skansen it was us, the animals and like a 1000 school kids.

Lukas fell in love with the bears. Unfortunately, they cared nothing for him. Unrequited love is painful little man.

Half a little bear.

Done and dusted with his Skansen adventures.

We have this never ending problem brushing lukas teeth. He hates it. At the moment we are down to holding him down, while he screams, to try and brush. We have really tried everything. I hate that he screams like someone is torturing him. But we need to brush these gnashers little man.

On Wednesday the bookclub met up. Love this break from life. Ladies, food and books. Lethal combo.

Cut my hair yesterday. Darker and trying to get some moisture in. I did that cleansing treatment since my hair was quite knotty and now it’s so, so dry.

So now it’s all about the moisture.

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