Summer in the city

We went out on Djugården and literally jumped into the sea 20 min walking from our door. I love that sthlm is such a clean city. Imagine doing that in the Thames…

I might have bigged it up a bit for George though. Saying beach to an Aussie means something very different…

But this little guy went into his waist and didn’t totally hate on the icy cold swede water.

Plus swag. He looks just so silly.

Then he came up with the best game. Sitting in the middle of the road rolling olives in dirt and offering it to strangers. Keep being you Lukas.

Katta and Lukas hung out talking shit. Yes to watching from afar.

Ha, that middle aged man belly ❤️

All for the bubbles.

When we got home this little man jumped straight into the big boy chair. I think he’s decided he’s all grown now that he’s been swimming in the sea.

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