Lukas days

Lukas has a cold and has been home for the last couple of days. You could say I’m working and looking after lukas but that would be a lie. Trying to work while someone either climbs on you or trying to kill himself is not easy.

So we’ve been managing his cold and the heat. That means no food but lots of liquid and ice cream and living inside the fan if we could.

Or playing with bubbles because everyone loves bubbles.

Doing some gardening. Naked of course.

Plus trying to sleep in the heat. Lukas sleeping and me getting some work done. Today I felt very smart when I couldn’t figure out why the fan barely worked.

Well, I had put it to face the wall…

More naked activities. Drawing. He’s soo cute sitting on his little chair.

Play Dough. Holding ALL of them in his hand at the same time. Greedy lil dude.

Lukas other little chair. I got this from my grandma when I was a kid and now Lukas love sitting on it. Very cute.

Ended yesterday with finally getting my vaccine. Normal world here we come.

Today we went down to Tessinparken. They have a fountain/paddling pool there. So many little kiddies hanging out in the heat.

Lukas is no lover of the water. Safest to sit and only dip the toes.

We found a park.

And some vehicle lukas was way too little for but loved. Sorry baby.

Then George showed up and our day out and about was over. Tomorrow George is taking him since I actually need to get some work done.

Not horrible having to be home with him in this lovely weather.

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