Mum, I did promise you not to buy any more clothes but I needed a dress for Jonas Mad Men party… I dont have anything in my wardrobe that looks even remotely 50’s so I bought this from Asos (I dont think you got away with mid thigh dresses in the 50’s).

I promise I will throw out some other stuff (that’s mostly to you Ol) to make room for this darling.

Damn, more shopping…

When i bought that stuff from Cocosa I actually forgot I had bought this pretty dress from Asos. I’m a fail. I have now put a shopping ban on myself for both Oliver and me (yes mum, I will save the rest of my money this month)

Pretty dress though and will look stunning on me when i…hrm…not sure when I’ll use it but I’ll think of something. Maybe i can pretend it’s a 50’s dress and use it at the Mad Men party? Or just use it anyway and stare angrily at anyone who think I’m not playing the part.