Going to Fionavar

I’ve started reading my new fantasy series. Or, new is the wrong word, my old one I finally found again is more correct.

I love this one as a kid, must have read it 3-4 times but when I moved away from my library i havent seen it. That must be a good 15 years ago. I found it again and started re reading it. It’s good, maybe not as magical as i remember but things seem to loose some of that glow the older you get.

It’s the guy who was Tolkiens son’s assistant who wrote it and you can see the influence, especially in the love for Nordic mythology. You have the guy hanging on the offer tree (Odin) and the letter ö keep popping up in the names if the dwarfs. There is also a healthy dose of good vs evil battling for the world.

I know what I’ll be doing tonight…

How to make Monday your friend

Monday, the lowlife, scumbag day of the week. Everyone is tired, everyone wishes it gone and over with. Preferable just crawl under a stone and die.

Me, I do what i can to make the day as good as i can. I fill it with meetings and make sure to have things delivered to the office.

Like an amazing old fantasy series I’ve been trying to lay my hands on since I read it in the library as a 12 year old. Wonder if its still as good. 
Also a bag full of pick and mix. 1kg of sweets.