Things that happen

Another day, another story to tell. Sometimes life is a bit of that hamster wheel but it doesnt matter, my hamster wheel is filled with sweeties and magical movies.

Yesterday I came home to home cooked dinner by Miranda. Chorizo and bean stew. Yum. After that we set up the projector in the living room and watched The Fisher king. Proper, weird 90’s movie with ‘The Dude’ and Robin Williams. Loved that everyone was so completely mental.

This morning on the tube read some of my Eckhart Tolle book Julia gave me. Makes you think, or well, rather NOT think. That’s hard. Being the point of the book to stop thinking I feel it’s aimed at me and my over obsessive mind. So not only am I addicted to sweeties and sugar but now also to thinking. Hey, when I was young you were fine as long as you stayed away from heroin and morning time drinking, nowadays everything seems to be something to be addicted too.

A very bad picture of our projector. It tells the story of me laying like a toad in the sofa. What you cant see in the picture are all the chocolate balls and sweeties I ate. Oooops.