When it snows in London

Mum and Dad were here over the weekend. It snowed. I had promised Mum that the Magnolias would be in full bloom and Dad we were taking a long walk with Ziggy, instead we were huddled up in the warmth trying to get away from the snow that kept pouring down.

We had a pretty awesome time anyway.

On Friday we went to the Havelock and had dinner. Dad had an updated version of the Pappa’s guffe – sausage with baked beans. That made him feel safe.

We also had desserts. These look good, they werent.

On Saturday we went to Tate Britain to see the pre raphaelites. They were on tour, we got to see this crucified Mc Donals burger instead. Same shit.

After this riveting cultural experience Dad wanted to go to Fortnum and Mason so we did. Mum and me ate Macarons, Ol and Dad didnt get any. Sometimes you win being a girl.

After this we went to the gay haven of soho and Balans and ate Eggs Benedict. It was the only thing my mum wanted to eat so we obliged.

On Sunday the left snowy London and I took Ol to Westfield for some hard core shopping. He tried to hide in the practical outdoorsy shop, I made him get fashion. It took a lot of coaxing but eventually he bought jeans, chinos, t-shirts and swimming trunks. Win. 

In the evening Miranda came over with a home made dark chocolate banana cake. Yum!

I had to do something to say thanks so I made the perfect amount of popcorn.

We also watched End of the Watch – a surprisingly good cop movie about LAPD. Jake Gyllenhaal was good and me, who dont particularly like cop movies, found myself really engaged in the story. It was simply put a really good movie.

My grandmother

Dad sent me this picture of my 20 something grandmother. She looks so young and happy. Unfortunately she died before I was born but my Dad always made her a part of my life anyway. He has always spoken about her and told me what she was like, how much she would have loved me and how we are alike.

This young, smiling woman feels close even if I never knew her. I know she had a tiny figure and a wicked sense for fashion, that she loved books and made my Dad feel very loved. That she had a strong will but not always an easy life and if she would have ever met me she would have loved me.

Great art comes from great ideas

It’s my baby cousin Kattis birthday on Thursday. She is turning 18. She was my golden haired little angel when she was little. She would always run up to me at the country house and throw herself in my arms.

 I hope she doesnt do that any longer, she is as tall as the rest of our family.

Anyway, Im sending her a birthday gift. I wont say what it is but it come with an amazing picture true to my arty nature

Hope she enjoys it…

Sweden booked!

First of all I’m going to Jonas 30th bday party in Sthlm on the weekend 15 – 17th of March with almost all the girls (yes, we will be dressed in Mad Men outfits) and then I’m going to my sister and her family for Nisses birthday on the 19th of march.

2 trips booked!!! Woohooo. Also Mum and Dad, Sanna and Maggie will be visiting before May. That is pretty amazing. At the moment im dancing weather dances to make sure its warm enough for the Magnolias to start blooming when my parents are here.

Rocking Monday!