When it snows in London

Mum and Dad were here over the weekend. It snowed. I had promised Mum that the Magnolias would be in full bloom and Dad we were taking a long walk with Ziggy, instead we were huddled up in the warmth trying to get away from the snow that kept pouring down.

We had a pretty awesome time anyway.

On Friday we went to the Havelock and had dinner. Dad had an updated version of the Pappa’s guffe – sausage with baked beans. That made him feel safe.

We also had desserts. These look good, they werent.

On Saturday we went to Tate Britain to see the pre raphaelites. They were on tour, we got to see this crucified Mc Donals burger instead. Same shit.

After this riveting cultural experience Dad wanted to go to Fortnum and Mason so we did. Mum and me ate Macarons, Ol and Dad didnt get any. Sometimes you win being a girl.

After this we went to the gay haven of soho and Balans and ate Eggs Benedict. It was the only thing my mum wanted to eat so we obliged.

On Sunday the left snowy London and I took Ol to Westfield for some hard core shopping. He tried to hide in the practical outdoorsy shop, I made him get fashion. It took a lot of coaxing but eventually he bought jeans, chinos, t-shirts and swimming trunks. Win. 

In the evening Miranda came over with a home made dark chocolate banana cake. Yum!

I had to do something to say thanks so I made the perfect amount of popcorn.

We also watched End of the Watch – a surprisingly good cop movie about LAPD. Jake Gyllenhaal was good and me, who dont particularly like cop movies, found myself really engaged in the story. It was simply put a really good movie.

Mixed bag from the weekend

This weekend were a cold, slow one. Oliver worked like a bastard all the way through and I lay on the sofa watching netflix, walked for hours, had dinner with friends and hung with the Tollstedts. Pretty good weekend.

This was my view for most of the weekend. Oliver, head down and headphones on. 
Had dinner with Malin, Hjalle and Eric. The uglifier strikes again. Weird looking man in a down jacket that kept hanging around our table. 
Malin after tequila shots. You can see her head droop a bit. Given the amount of empty glasses on the table I can understand why. 
Came home to Oliver before midnight. (A vast improvement from the 10.30 the day after.) He took a couple of minutes to sit on the sofa with me. 
Saturday – Oliver pretended to be a ninja, we took a walk, I made arrabiata dinner and watched the 4400 all night. 
Sunday morning it was freezing. I took a walk over to Chiswick for some sofa and TV time and all the poor flowers were trying to hide away from the snow.
Not sure if the Magnolias will be blooming for you mum. 
Took pity on these cold tulips and brought them with me home to Kix. 
She and Lisen made me bolognese and Lisen entertained with stories from her crazy life in Peckham. When your family is in Sweden it’s great to have a substitute family to eat sunday dinner with.
Kix also gave me gifts. A book about the original hipster Dad (she doesnt know my dad, he is not a hipster) and herbal extract with all important vitamins for my body. Amazing.  

Saturday in London

Not at all hung over today even if I went out eating and drinking with Malin, Hjalle and Eric yesterday. Win! We went to Honky Tonk and then across the street to Hollywood arms for tequilas and drinks. Not sure it was completely necessary but i was on a roll and decided tequilas was of outmost importance.

Today walking along the river with Oliver seeing yet another boat race. It was pretty out even if it was grey and cold. I brought my proper little camera and took some nice spring pictures.

 You can see how grey it was. Not jealous of the poor girls who were out rowing in this weather.

Pretty spring flowers

Trying the zoom out all while almost staying inside the garden of someones house. All for the art.

 Someone elses garden

 Since I’m and awesome girlfriend I bought Oliver and me cakes. Oat cake for me

 and Brownie for Oliver

 Oliver is pretty amazing he too though and bought me flowers

and made me the bestest Omelette.