It’s harder than it looks being from the 60’s

The hunt for the perfect Mad Men dress continues. I got the one from Asos yesterday and it was horrible. Looked like it was designed for someone with boobs down their waist. Not even with the best imgination would it suit me.

So now I have to try and find the perfect one again.

This one is a 34, about 2 sizes too small. Otherwise it would have been cool. Now not so much. 
Oliver loved this but it doesn’t really suit the theme. 
Quite cool but a bit too modern i think. The hunt goes on… 

Damn, more shopping…

When i bought that stuff from Cocosa I actually forgot I had bought this pretty dress from Asos. I’m a fail. I have now put a shopping ban on myself for both Oliver and me (yes mum, I will save the rest of my money this month)

Pretty dress though and will look stunning on me when i…hrm…not sure when I’ll use it but I’ll think of something. Maybe i can pretend it’s a 50’s dress and use it at the Mad Men party? Or just use it anyway and stare angrily at anyone who think I’m not playing the part.