I do have it all

Moving closer to the actually leaving date and I’m getting more and more excited (yes Jules, here is another update of the preparations for Sri Lanka 2013tm)

 I have now done the customary boots shopping. After convincing Ol we dont need sterile syringes, a pop up emergency tent and our own mosquito net I still went a bit bananas in there.

Sun block 50, 30 and 15, plasters, insect repellant, neurofens and wound wash (i have had the unpleasant experience of having the tiniest scratch getting infected and having my entire leg swell up) as well as some beauty stuff. Sri Lankan beaches wont know what hit them.

Especially not when Oliver walks around with his homemade MUNTRON tattoo.


Can’t wait until Friday because we are off to the land of sunshine, mosquitos, curries, beaches and first time surfing for moi – Sri Lanka!

I’m so excited that i started (and basically finished) packing yesterday. Oliver said I stressed him and out gave him a headache since I was more or less done. I have downloaded 6 books to my kindle, nicked some travel shampoo from mum and dad’s hotel room, taken all my jabs, packed beach clothes as well as warm clothes (don’t want to do the classic south america mistake and miss that it’s minus at night time in the mountains and cry myself to sleep cause i cant feel my feet any longer) and set up a travel route for us.

I am ready to get going. Preferable now. Leaving this dreadful, never ending winter, behind.

Dinner and blood

Had Tompen for dinner yesterday. Made the delicious lamb mince recipe from the post below and this time we almost nailed the eggs (they can look a bit unmade, they cook when you start mixing the meat and stuff for eating, like a bim bim bap)

We also drank chai (important that) and ate the new Marabou Black – milk chocolate with salty liquorice. Delicious weirdly enough. 

The boys. What men huh!
This morning Ol and me went and had our vaccinations. Oliver almost passed out after his warm blood made a squirt and sprayed all over the room. From a tiny needle. I didnt even bleed a tiny drip. Hope nothing happens when we are away if that’s how his warm (??) blood reacts. 

Sri Lanka

Oh, I just realized something I haven’t told you.

We’ve just booked our tickets to Sri Lanka. That’s right, from 29th of March to 11th of April we’re frolicking around on Sri Lanka (not sure how much frolicking it will actually be but have this vision of me in a summer dress jumping up and down on the beach grinning like an idiot).

Oliver is working for the first couple of days and I’ll be his assistant. Yes, the uglifier will be taking picture at this high society wedding making even the most botoxed lady look old and craggy. I’m happy. I get to become best friends with everyone so I can take the embarrassing after hour pictures.

After all that hard work we are just going to chill, wear practical clothes and eat.