If you see me you will see the smile in the corner of my eye

Another cold morning. Guess I dont have to tell any one of you that. Wearing my big jacket that Ol adopted from NY. 3 days left, that what gets me out of bed in the morning. That and the fact that you have to.

Talked a lot about depressions and it’s implications over the last couple of days. So many suffers from it. Guess it’s the times, the age and the fact that people are more and more likely to analyze themselves. Can’t say if it’s good or bad, I know i needed it since I couldnt handle myself but at the same time I wish I just didnt have that much time to think. Without endless thinking about the past and the possibilities of the future it isn’t much to be depressed about.

Medicines helped me. I think that if you are at the point were you’ve tried it all and nothing seems to help they could give you the strength to rise above the thoughts in your mind and manage them. Can’t say if that’s true for everyone though.

Hope the sun peeks through soon, that usually helps. It’s hard to be unhappy with the sun on your face.

 Last years Midsummer at Djursvik. Photo by Oliver Holms


Can’t wait until Friday because we are off to the land of sunshine, mosquitos, curries, beaches and first time surfing for moi – Sri Lanka!

I’m so excited that i started (and basically finished) packing yesterday. Oliver said I stressed him and out gave him a headache since I was more or less done. I have downloaded 6 books to my kindle, nicked some travel shampoo from mum and dad’s hotel room, taken all my jabs, packed beach clothes as well as warm clothes (don’t want to do the classic south america mistake and miss that it’s minus at night time in the mountains and cry myself to sleep cause i cant feel my feet any longer) and set up a travel route for us.

I am ready to get going. Preferable now. Leaving this dreadful, never ending winter, behind.

Spring signs

I know you still have snow in Sweden but here in London the spring is starting to peak through. By the time you come here mum and dad the magnolias will be blooming.

At the moment the flowers are a bit more subdued but its still pretty and you can see the spring thats coming.

Perfect blue skies
Someones hedge about the blossom
Tiny spring flowers