Lukas days

Lukas has a cold and has been home for the last couple of days. You could say I’m working and looking after lukas but that would be a lie. Trying to work while someone either climbs on you or trying to kill himself is not easy.

So we’ve been managing his cold and the heat. That means no food but lots of liquid and ice cream and living inside the fan if we could.

Or playing with bubbles because everyone loves bubbles.

Doing some gardening. Naked of course.

Plus trying to sleep in the heat. Lukas sleeping and me getting some work done. Today I felt very smart when I couldn’t figure out why the fan barely worked.

Well, I had put it to face the wall…

More naked activities. Drawing. He’s soo cute sitting on his little chair.

Play Dough. Holding ALL of them in his hand at the same time. Greedy lil dude.

Lukas other little chair. I got this from my grandma when I was a kid and now Lukas love sitting on it. Very cute.

Ended yesterday with finally getting my vaccine. Normal world here we come.

Today we went down to Tessinparken. They have a fountain/paddling pool there. So many little kiddies hanging out in the heat.

Lukas is no lover of the water. Safest to sit and only dip the toes.

We found a park.

And some vehicle lukas was way too little for but loved. Sorry baby.

Then George showed up and our day out and about was over. Tomorrow George is taking him since I actually need to get some work done.

Not horrible having to be home with him in this lovely weather.

Summer in the city

We went out on Djugården and literally jumped into the sea 20 min walking from our door. I love that sthlm is such a clean city. Imagine doing that in the Thames…

I might have bigged it up a bit for George though. Saying beach to an Aussie means something very different…

But this little guy went into his waist and didn’t totally hate on the icy cold swede water.

Plus swag. He looks just so silly.

Then he came up with the best game. Sitting in the middle of the road rolling olives in dirt and offering it to strangers. Keep being you Lukas.

Katta and Lukas hung out talking shit. Yes to watching from afar.

Ha, that middle aged man belly ❤️

All for the bubbles.

When we got home this little man jumped straight into the big boy chair. I think he’s decided he’s all grown now that he’s been swimming in the sea.

Summer life

Summer. Lovely, green, blooming June. It’s all so much easier with Lukas and enjoying our evenings and weekends when you can just go outside and play. Especially now that he wakes up at 5 in the mornings. The days are extremely long.

Work is stressful at the moment. Crisis management. Big decisions. Struggling with working from home. I love my job, I really do but man, it’s got some high stakes going.

On Monday lukas nursery was closed and we went to Skansen. He started with dressing himself. I look you look but maybe not people friendly.

Once at Skansen it was us, the animals and like a 1000 school kids.

Lukas fell in love with the bears. Unfortunately, they cared nothing for him. Unrequited love is painful little man.

Half a little bear.

Done and dusted with his Skansen adventures.

We have this never ending problem brushing lukas teeth. He hates it. At the moment we are down to holding him down, while he screams, to try and brush. We have really tried everything. I hate that he screams like someone is torturing him. But we need to brush these gnashers little man.

On Wednesday the bookclub met up. Love this break from life. Ladies, food and books. Lethal combo.

Cut my hair yesterday. Darker and trying to get some moisture in. I did that cleansing treatment since my hair was quite knotty and now it’s so, so dry.

So now it’s all about the moisture.

The outside!

I’m in love with summer right now. I’m normally your autumn kind of gal liking my tea and sweater and excuse to be inside. But maybe it’s because so much time have been spent inside last year but I’m craving the outside!

Im also noticing the difference to London. Sweden is just that bit colder that means picnic weather is not until June. In London you got that as early as March. Either way, I just want to sit in the shade with a book and ENJOY!

I’ve actually put on real clothes today. That match (well, i made it easy with a jumpsuit). Mainly because I’m having lunch with mum and dad but any excuse to look good.

My mind is all over the place at moment. Work. It’s hard at times. Especially working with kids. So getting out of the flat becomes even more important. Can’t turn into a sofa shaped lump just yet.

Good thing this guy keeps me on my toes. From morning to evening. Boss.

Speaking of boss (ish). They are making flower pots in nursery. I feel like they’ve caught him in a good angle here. Most times he is not this precise with his painting skills. Not birthed a future Picasso.

And I mean, they must have bribed him to not have him eating those seeds 🤨.

But hey, can’t wait to see lukas homegrown sunflowers.

And a last pic for the road. Eating papas bolognese. Life could be worse.

Party people

We had a lovely weekend. If by lovely you mean running like a crazy after a boy who JUST WANTS TO RUN! But it was great. And I got an exercise out of it. Win!

On Friday we went for an afterwork at Madde’s and Christoffer’s. Lukas and Andreas was bffing the whole time. All about the jamming.

And hand holding. I mean, come on ❤️

On Saturday I was woken to cuddles, flowers and breakfast from my boys. Early Mother’s Day. Love them.

We went for lunch. Lukas got pancakes. Or rather, lukas big jam. He refused to eat anything else but hey, at least he looked like a tiny serial killer.

On Sunday morning lukas celebrated actual Mother’s Day by waking me up at 5.30. We won being in the park before anyone else. Team work!

Then we headed to Vilmas third birthday. My little goddaughter was on fire.

Lukas looked like a little posh boy. I

But he had no idea mama tricked him into looking a fool. Moahahaha.

Lukas and me checking out the candy stash.

Hey papa, look at us.

After running and his and my ass off my little dude was finally ready for home. We were both spent but lukas fought me every last minute to fall asleep.

But, Monday is a new day and here we are looking cute and kind of rested. Winners.


It’s pouring down outside today. Spring rain. Kind of love it and feel all cosy at home. Tea and work. Lukas and me jumped in puddles on our way to work. Hands up to kids making you act like a kid again.

I mean come on with the kids clothes. Too cute to handle. Realising I’m just one big kid pretty much always.

Here’s a picture of my new old vase from my dad. Because otherwise there are just pictures of lukas. But, I’m going out for dinner tonight so I’ll make sure I take at least one me in actual make up photo.

Speaking of looking fly. Matchy matchy. Will hate the day lukas wants to dress himself but so far I’m the boss!!

New shoes. So, I’ve got a big issue with girls vs boys clothes. Not only the colours and patterns and shit. The girl shoes for toddlers go down to 24 and boy shoes start at 27. The same shoe. What?? They don’t have different sized feet at that age. Plus girls sweaters are shorter. To what? Show skin? Come on children’s clothes makers of the world. Up your game!

Anyway. In the end of the day all the clothes are a messy mess anyway. At least when this little dirty mouth gets his hands on chocolate. And wants kisses. Goodbye white from my life.

Lukas and mama day

We went to get Lukas TBE vaccinated today. Instead of leaving him at nursery after I decided it was time for Lukas and mama day. All about the fun.

Since it’s lukas and mama day means no rules we had McDonalds for lunch, played during nap time and slept for 2h after that. I have a feeling lukas and mama day will end up being lukas and mama evening as well…

All about the ketchup. When we sat down lukas just took a fries and dipped it like a 20 year old. Who the fack taught him that? I wonder if lukas and papa have been sneaking off on their own adventures.

All about that ketchup life.

On the way home lukas was like ‘stop that pram’ and out we went for RUNNING.

And running

And mother fucking running. I think this turned into lukas day since mama almost passed out.

Killing me there my 5(?) year old.

Mama put you in the grass for some scenic pictures.

Totally having it.

On our way home for sleepy time but no. Once ones been running one need splashing. Sure thingaling.

The lukas slept and mama looked at pictures of a lukas. Sheeet, I’m boring. About as boring as lukas thinks camping and face painting is.

And now it’s 4pm and lukas and mama day is at half time. Well see if mama survives this. Wish me luck.

My little dance monkey

I have that feeling of spring and dancing and wanting to meet people and cocktails and love and laughter. The opposite of the last year of sitting isolated in your house. I’m so, so tired of not seeing my friends or colleagues or meeting new people.

At least we had a great time celebrating my mum at the country house. And I love seeing my family. But I wouldn’t say no to some new faces as well 😊.

Thank god for this crew keeping me sane. Well, in lukas case also driving me insane but I forgive you.

Because you are such an awesome little weirdo. Here channeling Elton John.

These days we make our own parties. But always dancing, just like your mum.

And finally got a taste of summer

My little forest troll

These two. Bestest of friends forever. Even if even grandpa thinks you are a little monster sometimes.

So yeah, dreaming of summer and dancing and drinks looks slightly different these days but at least I have a little dance monkey by my side who loves music and always jazzes around by himself.

Plus he loves them puddles. Almost tap dancing in there.

I might dream of a summer of my 20s but I love this last summer of my 30’s with my gorgeous family.

My two boys!

The cutest thing happened at nursery today. Apparently lukas gave his snutt (that’s his blankie that he LOVES) to one of the kids in his group when he was sad.

I mean, his SNUTT! That’s the most important thing in Lukas life. Very sweet of our little baby boy.

Very proud of you my man.

They had sports day today at nursery as well. I mean, lukas don’t even know how to throw a ball but im sure he was a natural sports man.

Doing some sporty shit

Heh. All the kids having fun except for lukas. He’s like WTF is this shit. I hear you. You guys are just standing under a parachute??

But. Lukas aside. George got a job!! So, so proud of him. As an architect. Amazing. One day we will be able to celebrate this as it deserves.

Hands in the air for this legend.

So yeah. My guys are pretty damn awesome. Love them to bits.


Went to the hairdresser yesterday. Bangerhead Studios. Wanted somewhere that isnt part of a chain. And i was not disappointed. Loved them! Awesome treatment and the feeling that they really listened and care about my hair. Win.

I had decided i wanted bangs. Needed something new in these covid times.

Apparently its all trendy now. I realised i was simply inspired by all my kpop soap opera stars. They all have cute asian bangs.

Look at me being all cutsie and refusing to act my age. 14 or 40?

Cutest thing in my life is this little guy though. Look at this curle golden locks.

And this is for your pleasure…