Baby Lisen is living the high life here in London. She is moving to Peckham on Friday (yes, the up and coming part of London now that East is run over by trendy media people in their 30’s) where ‘there are only wig shops and poundland’ and the parties go on until 10 the next day.

You could easily say she is taking us over in high speed on the cool factor (I find that comforting, now that i’m well i my 30’s someone else needs to carry the party torch) and yesterday she gave me my birthday gift – a banana necklace!! Not only has it been bought on Brick Lane (which people my age still find ‘the outmost cool and edgy of London life) but its also oddly flattering and a nod to the classic ‘Skaruhaenbanan’ painting* decorating our home.

I also had tapas dinner with the family, there are 5 of them in the flat now with cousin Madeleine on a 3 week visit. 


* The only time I’ve made anything remotely close to art 

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