Can be good or bad depending on an array of factors: public transport, your boss, the state of your liver and soul and whether you got a good night sleep. I did. Next to my brother, the newest addition to the family. You see, we share a bed. And have done so, for more than 6 months now. I am 27 (not a WORD about my upcoming bday pls) and he is a 20 year old baby. I have gathered from various people e.g. (strangers in nightclubs suggesting we go ‘back to mine’ and me politely saying ‘oh sorry I share a bed with my brother so there is no room for any guests’) that this is an unusual and politically incorrect activity. Well they can take their boring brains and stick them inside the microwave. In OUR home, people are welcome to any bed they like, because sleeping should be comfortable and cosy and a bit like the 70’s. Just like a big casserole of happy sleeping babies in their thirties.

Slumber party buddies forever! (Well not literally I hope.. that would be weird even for the family!)

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