Busy, busy and the poor blog is suffering.

I fled up East this weekend, Elin was working at a festival and the siblings were back home in Sweden enjoying drunken student partying and Huddiks nightlife.

So i packed my bags and moved in with our eastern boys for the weekend. What was to be a quiet weekend in for me and Tom ended up being zubrowka dancing and touring of the best pubs East had to offer. Saturday was a lazy day in the sun and then hamburgers and boozy milkshakes at the Diner before I was sent to bed by the boys before 12. Sunday me and Ben owned to sofa while Tom went to the gym (that boy’s got his priorities all wrong. Who dont want to watch trash Tv before going to the gym?)

Tom doing one of his epic Eusro disco moves. You can almost see Oliver cringe in the back ground.

Boozy milkshakes at the Diner.

Ben fell in love with his True Blue milkshake. Being newly singled he pretty much took to anything in his way.

It’s so sad when its all over

‘I’ll come get you Ben’. Toms missing elin and going for the closest he could find

Elin being on a festival apperently extremly bored and very jealous of our weekend sent some pics

She was trying to find a man for me

She did find a Tom a new hat though after I lost his on Friday

When we come to sweden in august it will be in the ‘buspimps’. Yes, we will own!

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