Sun stroked London weekend

For the first time in weeks we saw some sun. That calls for matching nail polish for my homeless feets. (kix have proclaimed my feets look like a homeless man’s)

We went up to Notting Hill for a glass of wine and a friday feeling talk. Elin was this happy even if she didnt drink.

Peter was ‘gräsänkling’ and took me on a roller coaster shot ride ending with jägerbombs and blurry photos of restaurant flowers.

Saturday started with yet another viewing. But this time we hit gold and found our dream apartment. In a matter of minutes it was signed and paid and we are now (fingers crossed) moving in to our dream home soon.

I spent saturday night at home eating ice cream and watching these two bad boys get ready for a night on the town. Given their innocent looks you can tell they are up to no good.

Sunday came with sun and me and Elin went out for a three hour walk through London. Best was a little 80 year old lady who stopped us and told we had lovely bodies. Not every day you get chatted up by sweet old ladies.

We ended up at a lovely place called Cafe plum which served a wicked granola. Yummy!

On the way back we passed our new home and tried to break in to the fancy Queens tennis club around the corner. We were not wanted. So our goal is to find a way in before the year is over.

At home Elin presented me with this gift. Without being presumptious this might be the best gift ever! Vampire keys! I’ll be the coolest kid on the block.

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