London i fall in love with you over and over again

First weekend back after the vacation and we tore this town apart. Friday night Elin, Tom and me sat at home drinking red wine and listening to disney tunes. Tom’s best moment of the night was when he realised that O looked like Gaston, Elins when she a good ol’ red wine drunk and danced around to the lion king and mine when i saw the ever so romantic frogs in little mermaid.

Saturday we went to Shoreditvh house for a Bday party. Laxen showed one of his party tricks. This might be the reason why we later turned out to be on a very different level from everyone else. And why the girl he continiously tried to pick every time the not so happy boyfrind went to the bathroom, didnt fall for his blonde charms.

Ben showed us his dance move for the night inspired by Lonely Islands ‘the creep’. Needless to say Ben didnt get lucky. The dame for the evening used the old ‘i lost my phone’ trick. When Ben asked to get hers she ran away.

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