A little piece of london

Sus was in town last night and all my food thinking paid off. We did go to Churchill arms for thai and to the ice cream place for pistachio. Perfect night.

A tiny, tiny girl photographing a tiny, tiny car and at the same time holding the Biggest. Pile. Of. Paper. Ever. 

Churchill arms. Love the facade and all the flowers.

Pistachio and Fragola. A little piece of heaven. 

Sus seemed to love it as well (even if she had the shitty taste of caramel and coffee. Some people shouldnt be trusted near ice cream)

I left her safely at the hotel at eight and went home for some whores and gangsters in Boardwalk empire. After his double bill (of what to seem to be quite shitty, ‘horrible’ was the verdict of Midnight in Paris and ‘beautifully filmed but to 80’s and over the top’ for Drive, films) Oliver came over and I started to teach him some swedish. He has now perfected the useful phrase ‘Snälla, kan jag få en kram’ (Can I please have a hug). Hard to resist.

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