A tourist in London

Saturday gave us gorgeous weather and we headed to conquer the day and show Tove what it is all about being a tourist in London.

You have to go ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ over the Themsen view together with all the other tourists.

And drink prosecco at Burrough market. The prosecco is a very important and vital part to any London day. Could be switched for a beer at the closest pub if the weather is worse.

Since it is Christmas time you also have to enjoy (and be amazed by) the english fascination with german christmas market stuff. But i must admit this looks kind of nice. (mmm, candy apples)

When you have drunk your prosecco, smelled all the smelly cheeses, eaten you market food of choice and commented on the fact that ‘you could eat all of it’, you should pick up a random guy in shorts to hang out with you. London is just not London without that. And drink mulled wine of course.

If the random guy in shorts happen to be flown in straight from thailand with peeling, but very tanned, shins  the better.

Out and about in London is amazing but at some point you need to head back home to load those batteries for London night life. We chose to load the batteries with warm pimms and warm schweppes. Fancy!

And an espresso martini. Coffee is the golden ticket to the best London experience.

After this very touristy and eventful day Tove is now fully certified Londoner so we took her out to test her wings to see if our little duckling could fly.

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