A fish life

Blubb, blubb, blubb, feel a bit like a fish today. Raining, lots to do and off to a party up east tonight. Today and me are getting so so along at the moment but I think that will change as soon as I feel some sort of control over this owning the bingo world situation we have got going on.

I’m working the power of distraction at the moment. It works well. Work, eat, sleep. Who came up with the idea that’s bad for you. I think it’s great, none of the other bullshit my brain’s filled up with can break through. Flat is getting somewhere, its a bit too small for us but hey, worse thing can happen.

Vacation like a mirage a couple of weeks off. I’m looking forward to a tan, eating fruit and being well rested. Its not likely top happen but you can always dream about it.

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